ECHAEno. 3

Places & Things

Raoul Dufy

With our recent voyage to Nice it seems only fitting to highlight this artist for this issue of people. After all the painting shown here, of the Promenade des Anglais and the Nice harbour, beautifully captures the feeling we felt while we were visiting.

To find outmore about Dufy online, try the following links: (French)


Born in Le Havre, Raoul Dufy (1877-1953) went to Paris in 1902 to study at the Academy. He became interested in Fauvism in 1905 after seeing Matisse's painting Luxe, Calme et VoluptÚ at the Salon des Independents. With Georges Braque and his childhood friend Othon Friesz, Dufy began painting outdoors in the South of France combining the color of the Fauves with the flat angular compositions of CÚzanne.

Before World War I, Dufy painted in rich pure color. After the War, he focused on subjects such as regattas, casinos, palm trees and racecourses. His works remained light and entertaining in their decorative quality. He adopted a personal style of color applied in a loose style with shifting perspectives. Dufy is also well known as an illustrator, stage designer and fabric designer.

Bryce Ashdown